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Welcome to Braving Borders!

Hi! I’m Twinkle and I started this blog to share my own travel experiences which is tabbed in WANDER menu button and some of my very random thoughts and stuff on WONDER tab. I love the thought of helping people with their trip planning since I also love travel planning. I understand people researching for their adventure plans, hoping to get great information and guides to make their trip smooth sailing. I, myself, rummages through a lot of travel blogs for my DIY travels. I find them very helpful, that is why I also want to be of help to others.

This blog is named Braving Borders for the very reason that I am a socially awkward person (Ssshhhhhhh) and I want to be able to relate to people like me. (Yay! Group hug!) You see, I don’t have enough confidence in approaching people. I hesitate a lot in conversing or connecting with people. Afraid, most of the time, to try new things. I have low self-esteem and thinks that I am always inferior to others. I am not competitive. I keep my thoughts to myself (and to my blog, hehe). Aside from always being shy, I’m just not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I can’t even consider my family to belong in the middle class. I’m always financially challenged. Always in a tight budget. Fortunately, I graduated from a premier university in Davao because I was a working student scholar.

I always, if possible, opt for budget travels. Though DIY travels might get expensive, I still love doing DIY travels. Why? Because I’m shy! (sshhhhhhh again). Aside from that, I love doing things by myself.

Yet, I don’t want this limitations and intimidations to stop me from dreaming and doing what I ultimately love – travelling! I don’t want to give up on this chronic day dream! I’d want to see what happens if I don’t give up pursuing it ^_^

Looking forward to more travels! I am still shy, still afraid, still financially constricted, but like what people say, if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough!

So for all of us – socially awkward people, let’s go and Brave Borders!


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