I quit from my job to follow a Dream

This blog will be the first of telling my life stories or just random things. So if you found your self reading this, uhm, WHY? Hehe. You’re welcome to read but hold you’re judgments and keep it on your suspense folder or just comment it below. That’s fine. You have your own opinion and I have mine 🙂

Sooooo. I quit my job. So what?! Hehe. Anyways. I quit my 8-5, almost stable (I said almost cuz i wasn’t permanent), high paying (compared to other jobs in our province), consistent to my professional degree, (I’m a registered social worker), government position job. I was even a legible candidate for a permanent item (they said). But Yes!!!! I quit that job! Amazing me! (Realllllyyyy)

Some people say I wasted a wonderful opportunity but I just shrugged their comments off. I was so determined to quit my 3-year job, why? Becaaaaaussssse, I have a chronic daydream!!! Uggh! I dreamt of being a digital nomad.. Yes, yes, you’re right, the travelling one, who works on her laptop and gets ample money to support her travelssss! Though I’m a social worker and wants to quit to take a not so social job. If that makes sense at all! Social Work and online job? Yeah? Got it? Hehe. (I’ll talk about my taken degree and what I really wanted to take on another blog)

Well I was pretty hyped to do this digital nomad thing and before I quit my job I had an ongoing part-time online data entry job that pays $3 per hour. Hehe. It wasn’t much but I was that determined to finally do what I want in life.

So then, I confidently didn’t submit my contract renewal. (So did I quit or my contract had just ended and didn’t renew it? Was that the same? Heheh) Anyways, so i left my first ever professional job of three years.

Did i regret leaving that job? Yes and no! Heheh. Of course. Let’s start with the yesesss.

  • Yes, bcuz my workmates rock! Hehe. I love my fellow social workers. They make the workplace worth spending your day at the office or in the field 🙂 Miss u guyses!
  • Another yes would beeeeeee, uhmmmmmmmmm.. I think theres just one thing I regretted that I left that job. Hehe

So the nooooos..

  • No, because its kinda liberating for me to take my own path and its courageous for me bcuz I’m usually an anxious coward all the time.
  • Second, the work got overwhelming esp to the people I serve. I can’t bear to close my eyes all the time whenever I see and hear something fishy (you know what I mean). Sigh. And I’d always have to give promises to people that I myself don’t really know if its gonna happen.
  • Third, I got to try to realize my dream. Cuz if I didn’t quit, I’d probably think of the WHAT IFs – all. the. time!! And I’d regret more. You feelin’ me?? 🙂


That is ALL it!!

If your planning to quit your job for a dream, why not, right? But, you’d have to weigh all your pros and cons and everything or like foresee the future if everything’s gonna fall to better places. And lastly, follow your peace. You may be thinking “Why peace? Why not your heart? Didn’t you followed your heart?” Hehe. No, I didn’t followed my heart because the heart is always deceitful and your heart’s desires might be just out of impulse. So I say, follow your peace. You’d know you’ll do the right thing if there is peace in your heart, you’re not troubled by it, peace with even your parents or significant others. Basically, everything has peace. Ha! Was that deep?

Well yeah! That’s it!

Have a happy quitting! I mean, decision-making!!! 😉

Til next blog! I’ll talk about how my “quitting job to be a digital nomad” turned out. Though I don’t know when I’ll do that. Hope I’m not gonna get sooo lazy. Hehe. Ciao!


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